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Lecce - Italy

EduVita is an educational, cultural and intergenerational centre in the heart of Lecce, Southern Italy, founded in 2019. It is a place of connection between past, present and future: we create learning opportunities to improve the quality of life of elderly and young people through intergenerational dialogue. Our NGO is active both locally and internationally, participating in Erasmus+ research and mobility programmes in the field of Adult Education. We focus on pedagogical research, innovating teaching and learning processes, designing learning settings and developing new methodologies based on Adult Education and Intergenerational learning approaches. Our main activites:
  • 1) LIFELONG LEARNING We organise courses and training opportunities for senior-aged learners, to promote the development of skills important for an inclusive and participative social life.
  • 2) ADULT EDUCATORS EMPOWERMENT We organise specific training experiences and courses for educators, to develop their skill in non-formal education methods and Andragogy.
  • 3) RESEARCH PROJECTS We collaborate with local and international insitutions and Universities to share good practices in lifelong learning and develop new methodologies to support our senior learners and adult educators.
  • 4) INTERGENERATIONAL LEARNING We create and promote intergenerational events and initiatives: live library events, Art contests, Intergenerational Book Swap, cultural activities.