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The Municipal Library of Arucas is a local cultural service, a centre of knowledge that creates community. Its primary purpose is to serve as a way for information, training and leisure. Not only for the population of the Arucas municipality, but also for the other islands as our library is part of the Canary Islands Public Libraries Network, and its contents are disseminated throughout the archipelago.
According to the IFLA/UNESCO Public Library Manifesto, Arucas Library is a local gateway to knowledge, and provides a basic condition for lifelong learning, independent decision-making and cultural development of the individual and social groups. What characterizes the Arucas Library is the large number of projects and activities it carries out, targeting all age groups, regardless of sex, race or economic and social status, with a varied range of activities like reading clubs, book presentations, storytelling sessions, exhibitions, workshops, etc. The Library of Arucas takes great pride in being the most awarded library in the Canary Islands, with awards from local and national public and private entities that recognize its cultural and reading promotion work. It was the first library in Spain to participate in an international Erasmus+ project (Library. I love it!), serving as a model for the participation of other libraries and institutions in our country. In recent years, we are especially committed to gender equality and we have been one of the promoting libraries of the ‘Canary Islands Libraries for Equality Network’. We are also especially mindful of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals, as lines of action for projects and activities. We cooperate with many public institutions and private companies to reach these goals. 2023 marks the 50th Anniversary of Arucas Library and we are very happy to share this celebration with our users and partners.

Municipal Library of Arucas