8 digital stories

8 intergenerational digital stories about local cultural heritage created by Older learners in collaboration with younger students. Elderly people will dvelop their digital comptences.
Young people will know more about the local cultural heritage. The results can be used for promotion of cultural heritage and touristic aims as well.


E-publication with the description of the method of Developing digital competences and exploring Cultural heritage through Intergenerational storytelling (15 pages).

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Interactive map

Interactive map of 10 good practices in 4 partner countries Partners will create common understanding about the definitions of different concepts related to local cultural heritage and its role in intergenerational dialogue. The partners will exchange successful local, regional or national cases of valorising the local cultural heritage through intergenerational learning activities.

4 experience exchange visits

15 Adult educators will participate in 4 experience exchange visits. They will gain new knowledge in Adult Education on Developing digital competences and exploring Cultural heritage through Intergenerational storytelling.

4 local workshops

Four local workshops for adult educators in partner countries in order to transfer the knowledge to local educators, to enhance the opportunities for active involvement of older people in social life : 1 workshop per country (8 participants each) on Developing digital competences and exploring cultural heritage through intergenerational storytelling.

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Digital Competences Development Through Intergenerational Learning